March 17th, 2015


Dixie is a sweet 7 year old American bulldog who has been raised around two small children, she very playful and intelligent. Loves people, but not other pets. Dixie is very healthy and loves kids. She’s very protective of the girls and our home. She’s house trained and respectful. Loves to sit around with girls as much as playing with soccer with them.Unfortunately, due to my baby’s allergies I can no longer keep her. She deserves a good home and a loving family. I’m extremely concerned and saddened by this since it’s not a easy decision. I couldn’t stand the fact of her ending up in a shelter or in the hands of the wrong person.
I attached the pictures also. I’m truly thankful for your help in this matter, I pray that she finds a good home.
Please call 416 627 7560 for more information.
Thank you10171738_669657856495070_5667480279788299151_n



Shorty Bull Chappy looking for home

November 14th, 2014

Chappy is available for adoption – retired from breeding.

She is fun dog that loves to sleep on the couch, house trained, good on the leash, friendly disposition. Can get territorial so supervision required around very young children.

American Bulldog Matilda available for adoption

November 14th, 2014

Matilda is a calm loving dog. She is a bit shy at first and may be suspicions of some strangers but she had great disposition. She is gentle around our 3 year old son. She is crate trained, she does well on the leash.
She is looking for permanent home. Preferably out in the country as she is not used to the city noise.She is socialized with cats. Contact us at 289 339 7812

American Bulldog Puppies

August 30th, 2014

American Bulldog quote

August 16th, 2014

American bulldogs and toddlers.

August 13th, 2014

Few pictures of american bulldogs and a toddler.


August 13th, 2014

We love what Lee Smith wrote about us today. Thank you!

Lee Smith
Today at 10:14pm
Although we could have looked for the dogs of our dreams in the newspaper, pet store, or local humane society we ended up choosing Steel City American Bulldogs (Zipper and Stella) because of the following: Right from the get-go Martin and Kinga were patient and kind. Their goal was not to simply sell us an animal; they knew their dogs and they wanted what was best for us and them. They took the time to get to know us, meet with us, and then match us up with the perfect dogs for our family. For starters, when we visited we were very impressed with the set-up they had for the dogs. It was clean and well cared for, as were the dogs. Before even having to ask these questions they volunteered information on the health testing of most of the immediate relatives of the sire and dam for both dogs. Our dogs had already been introduced to children and other animals as part of their socialization prior to joining our family. They even openly discussed the frequent problems some people may have with the breed. Since acquiring our first dog from them (Zipper) in 2011 they have been a resource for advice and support throughout the last 3 years. You know your dealing with a committed breeder when they promises to take the dog in if you can’t keep it, for ANY unforeseeable reason, for the life of the dog (they TRULY want what is best for the animal and you). When we purchased him we were provided with a contract; they sat down and reviewed it with us page-by-page, verifying that we understood the contents instead of simply assuming we did. We loved them so much that we purchased another dog (Stella) in 2013. Again, their main concern was finding this specific puppy the specific people it was meant to be with, instead of simple focusing on getting paid $. Even the second time around they asked us loads of questions about our lifestyle, family, experience with dogs and other pets, why we were looking for a(nother) dog for sale. The have always been happy to answer any of our questions as they arise. We will forever be American Bulldog owners and we will always consider what Martin and Kinda @ Steel City American Bulldogs have to offer before anyone else because our experiences and their continued involvement and interest in our animals sets them above the rest.

here is Zipper: